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The phenomenon of water leaks is a phenomenon that occurs when there is a defect anywhere related to the water network inside or outside homes, and this reason may be related to corrosion of one of the pipes, which causes leaks.
There are a number of observations through which the presence of water leaks can be detected by the residents of the house without the need for companies, namely:
Water bill is higher than usual.
Moisture appears in certain areas of the home, such as ceilings and walls.
Cracks appear in paints and walls, and paints fall out in some cases.
Corrosion in some pipes as a result of water gathering and the deposition of salts inside them.
The emergence of water in the floors of bathrooms and kitchens.
If these signs do not appear, there are other ways that water leaks can be detected
Methods for detecting water leaks
The first method depends on determining whether the house suffers from a leak in the water networks or not, by first examining the “water meter” to see if there is an unprecedented increase in the meter reading or not?
There must be a determination if the water leak is occurring inside or outside the home.
In the event that it is not possible to determine if what is happening inside or outside the house, the water traps in the water outlets inside the house can be closed and try to read the meter, and in the absence of changes in the reading, this means that the leakage occurs outside the house.
In the event of a leak from the faucets, this means that the matter is relatively easy to solve and is done by closing the main water valve and removing the handle to repair and reinstall it again.
In cases of toilet leaks, the amount of wasted water is very large, but most toilet leaks are easy and inexpensive to fix.
Leaks are usually invisible, and they may start in one place and then flow into other places and create some visible damage such as cracks and dripping in paints and water pools.
Leakage can cause condensation and damage to walls, ceilings, floors, and joinery.