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A thermal insulation company specialized in the insulation of foam in various types of compatible, which are among the criteria

Thermal insulation is obligatory on all buildings in the main cities, whether residential, commercial or any other facilities similar to the governmental establishments in the main cities in the Kingdom’s regions, including 6 cities in the east are Dhahran, Khobar, Dammam, Qatif, Al Ahsa and Hafr Al Batin.

The concept of “thermal insulation” has been born since ancient times. Seafarers placed two layers of insulating materials on their ships to resist sea heat, prevent water leakage to the ship’s structure and develop thermal insulation. It was used in buildings to reduce high temperatures, It is used to prolong the life of the residential building.

Engineers, who work in one of the engineering and contracting offices in Riyadh, believe that thermal insulation is important in building buildings. The thermal insulation is one of the pillars and fundamentals required for construction. The owner of the building can not obtain a building permit unless there are thermal insulation schemes. Between the municipalities and the electricity company obliges the latter not to deliver electricity to those who do not adhere to the construction engineering designs, which includes the most important components thermal insulation.